dimanche 24 juillet 2011

David Priol Spring / Summer2012 - Europe Future Fashion 2011 - Split, Croatie

Rock Ballet

Curtain raised .

She is on the stage.

Agile body, powerful, balanced on her toes she is advancing, majestically.

Attitude. Jeté. Entrechat… White swan.

One step is chasing another, spinning round…

A pirouette. A demented jump… Black swan.

Extra-ordinary creature.

Minimalist and graphical lines, enveloped attitude releasing the move

Flying texture, transparent fabrics , accompany the flight.

Sensual garment, epidermal, neutral colours, skin, tied with flashes of electric colors.

Under the muslin, metal and leather surface

Entangled, Interlaced, Disappearing: Contrast and antagonism express grace…

Pictures by Ivo Buric

jeudi 2 juin 2011

Preview Europe Future Fashion 2011

David Priol Spring/Summer 2012 "Rock Ballet"

Show EFF 8/9/10 july 2011

Photos credits :
Photographer : Jim LAHEY
Model : Suelline
Make up : Mony PAL
Hairstyle : Paul Mr.C
Thanks to : Christian,Nik,Diddie, M'Berry, Laurence, Momo